LabourNet Services

what we do

Standard Labour Market Analysis

An analysis of targeted occupations which provides an overview of each occupation detailing a job description outlining the:

  • Tasks performed
  • Physical and mental demands
  • Education and training requirements
  • Availability of jobs
  • Remuneration level, both award and market rate
  • Commentary on the current state of the WA labour market

This is undertaken by Professor Charles Mulvey, formerly Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce and Professor of Labour Economics at the University of Western Australia.

Cost: $400 (plus GST) per occupation.

Customised Labour Market Analysis

LabourNet undertakes research into any aspect of the labour market. Common subjects of referrals are analyses of particular aspects of the labour market required for:

  • Applications to reduce weekly worker’s compensation payments;
  • Estimates of past and future economic losses due to an accident;
  • Litigation in relation to the quantum of damages;
  • Data on earnings required in Family Court matters.

Cost: $400 (plus GST) per hour